Gentle Yoga

This class is taught by:

DiAnne Bergmann

I started teaching flute lessons at the tender age of 12 because my band teacher recommended me! I've been teaching ever since. I love, LOVE teaching yoga because of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Yoga has impacted my life in so many ways! I've adjusted teaching music (my day job) to part time so I would have time to teach and continue my training in yoga. I have more patience and love for my family, students, and even strangers due to yoga. I fell in love with aerial yoga about 2 years ago and was thrilled to teach it at Elev8. Our studio is a beautiful place filled with compassionate, real, and loving individuals.
Alignment, core strength, flexibility and relaxation, are the focus of class and is accessible to all. Ideal for those preferring a more gentle practice.
Gentle Yoga Benefits:
-Increases Circulation to injured areas for faster healing
-Improves Balance and Coordination
-Helps to lower blood pressure through relaxation   techniques and poses
-Reduce stress and calms the nervous systems
-Relieves pain from stiff muscles and joints
The room temperature will 80-85
60 minute class with an optional 15 minute meditation practice at the end.
Please bring a mat, blocks, strap, eye pillow and Mexican style blanket.