Angela Papini

Angela Papini instructs the following:
  • Hatha
  • 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises. Each posture is executed individually with emphasis on alignment and stillness. Each breath allows the opportunity to intensify the posture. You will hold the posture for many breaths before moving on to the next. The sequence is designed to work your entire body inside and out, increase your strength, flexibility, balance & stamina. Class is held in a heated room to warm up your muscles, and help you release toxins both mentally & physically.

  • Fusion
  • Get your Hatha fix while generating heat during the intensity and flow of Vinyasa, with this dynamic blend you get a little bit of both worlds. Gain strength, flexibility and balance as the Hatha works every muscle, gland & organ. Focus on your movement and the connection to each breath as you move intentionally to every inhale and exhale. Build strength and lean muscle. Heal your heart and clear your mind. A little bit of everything in 60 minutes.