Jana Schillen

Jana Schillen instructs the following:
  • Barre
  • A Barre is a handrail that is placed securly so that it can provide you support during different types of exercise. Typically used in Ballet to provide dancers stability and balance while performing both fast and slow exercises.
    These exercises are performed to warm up and strengthen muscles, but also encourages proper body form and alignment. Practing at the Barre will strengthen your feet & legs, improve flexibility and help your over all alignment throughout your core. In Barre class, expect your instructor to incoporate a wide variety of other activities to increase your stamina, and stimulate your core as well! Many students report that Barre classes have improved their yoga practice and depth.

  • Barre

  • Hatha 75
  • Traditional class, 75 minutes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises. Each posture is executed individually with the emphasis on alignment and stillness. Each breath allows you the opportunity to intensify your posture. You will hold the posture for many breaths before moving on to the next. The set sequence is designed to work your entire body inside and out, increase your strength, flexibility, balance & stamina. Class is held in a heated room to warm up your muscles, and help you release toxins both mentally & physically.