Jenni Wells

Jenni Wells instructs the following:
  • Aerial - Elev8'd Yoga
  • Elev8'd Yoga combines Yoga with other forms of movement, such as dance, Pilates and gymnastics, into a hybrid mind-body experience. Using a silk hammock, students are guided through a series of movements and Yoga sequences, flowing through each pose letting your breath guide you, creating a sense of mindfulness, playfullness, and well-being as you stretch out and open up both the body, mind, and heart.

    Elev8'd yoga is particularly good for the back and stretching out the spine, and some of its other benefits include decreasing stress and anxiety, increasing strength and flexibility of muscles, as well as mobility of the joints. One of the main benefits of Elev8'd Yoga however, is the inversions, which includes what is called a Zero-Compression Inversion of the spine, which both stretches out and re-aligns the vertebrae without strain, relieves pressure and hydrates vertebral disks, and refreshes the circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive systems. Also increases overall agility and kinaesthetic awareness, allows for advanced inversions and postures without back or neck compression, as well as an increased sense of presence, and mind-body awareness.

    -Please wear a short or long sleeve shirt, or something that covers your underarms, for both comfort and sanitary reasons.

    - Please bring your own water bottle for hydration

    - Please arrive minimum 10 minutes early to get checked in and measured out your hammock.


  • Gentle Yoga
  • Alignment, core strength, flexibility and relaxation, are the focus of class and is accessible to all. Ideal for those preferring a more gentle practice.
    Gentle Yoga Benefits:
    -Increases Circulation to injured areas for faster healing
    -Improves Balance and Coordination
    -Helps to lower blood pressure through relaxation   techniques and poses
    -Reduce stress and calms the nervous systems
    -Relieves pain from stiff muscles and joints
    The room temperature will 80-85
    60 minute class with an optional 15 minute meditation practice at the end.
    Please bring a mat, blocks, strap, eye pillow and Mexican style blanket.