John Jonassen

I started teaching as I had already received a good number of benefits from practicing for a number of years, it was time to show others the way to the benefits that await them. When you practice, you feel your Light and the teacher’s, maybe from some of the other students. The greatest thing I enjoy about teaching is that you feel the Light of all in the room. How yoga has impacted your life. After having experienced a great amount of time in consistent physical pain, it is now under control. My mental and emotional burden is much less to carry. I have learned that walls are simply temporary blockades that you can get around. I teach at Elev8 because first, foremost, and always—The Students. Elev8 is a beautiful location, but it is but a shell without the Hearts of the Students.

John Jonassen instructs the following:
  • Yin
  • A majority of the class time will be spent sitting or lying on the mat. Initially this class can appear “simple” and passive, but it is known to be quite challenging due to the long duration of the postures. Each posture will be held in stillness approximately 3-5 minutes. This allows your muscles time to relax, dedicating the practice to your ligaments, bones & joints which get little attention in every day movement, exercise or yoga. This practice is growing to be more and more popular with athletes, experienced and beginner yogis and even people with restricted mobility.