Kristine Borden

My name is Kristine Borden and I am the Co-Founder of Elev8 Hot Yoga. I have always had a love of fitness prior to discovering Hot Yoga, I was a runner and even had the privileged of running the Boston Marathon three times. I fell in love with the benefits of Hot Yoga immediately upon taking my first Hot Yoga class and I was literally “hooked”. The benefits of Hot Yoga and working out in a hot room allow you to get a challenging workout improving your flexibility, strength, and cardio vascular system. In addition to the great physical work out Hot Yoga offers, it also facilitate a mind body connection that rapidly transforms your life allowing you to experience new levels of freedom, true happiness, and love. The vision when we created Elev8 Hot Yoga was to create a community not only where our fitness goals could be met, but also create a community where there is unconditional love for both teachers and students. Elev8 Hot Yoga will help you achieve your physical and personal goals and there is a community and love waiting for you once you join. Can’t wait to meet you! Namasté!

Kristine Borden instructs the following:
  • Sculpt
  • Intimidating at first glance, this class is a sequence of yoga postures with compliments of weights. An all-in-one, total body workout. “Sculpt” your body with plyometrics, yoga, pilates and weight lifting in one quick hour. Not only will you burn some extra calories and tone up, you will build healthy bone density! This workout can be modified for all fitness levels with posture modifications and weight selections. Like any yoga class, the key to success is to respect your body and start where you are. Recommended 3-4 times a week maximum to allow your muscles ample recovery time.

  • HIIT Pilates
  • This is (HIIT) High Intensity Low Impact Interval Training that incorporates Pilates Principles, performed in a heated room approximately 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, on your yoga mat. It is a full body, low impact work out that protects your muscles and joints. HIIT Pilates will increase your fitness level, help you burn fat and assist in boosting your metabolism by elevating your heart rate all the while creating long lean compact muscle mass.

  • Define
  • Total body workout designed to tone and chisel taking your body to the level. A combination of heat, weights and HIIT will keep your body moving and your mind guessing. Learning the proper technique it key. This is NOT a yoga class, but is accessible to all fitness levels.   

  • Hatha
  • 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises. Each posture is executed individually with emphasis on alignment and stillness. Each breath allows the opportunity to intensify the posture. You will hold the posture for many breaths before moving on to the next. The sequence is designed to work your entire body inside and out, increase your strength, flexibility, balance & stamina. Class is held in a heated room to warm up your muscles, and help you release toxins both mentally & physically.