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Elev8 Hot Yoga was created with you in mind. The concept is simple. Treat people with kindness, and encourage growth.

Start exactly where you are. No requirements. There is something for every mind, body and soul.

We have two rooms that allows us to offer a diversity of classes continuously throughout the day, every day.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or this is your very first class, there is something here for you.

We believe good health should be accessible to all. That is why we to strive to provide memberships at competitive rates.

Our Classes


Typically used in ballet to provide dancers stability and balance while performing both fast and slow exercises, a handrail (Barré) is placed securely so that you are supported during different movements.

Hatha Yoga

This set sequence is designed to work your entire body inside and out, increasing your strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and stamina, held in a heated room to warm up your muscles and help you release both mental and physical toxins.

Vinyasa Yoga

In this class you will learn an energetic flow through the series of postures that are synchronized with each breath cycle, incorporating balance, strength and flexibilty through movement and breath.


A sequence of yoga postures and weight lifting, with a variety of movements designed to create an all-in-one, total body workout, “Sculpt” your body with plyometrics, yoga, pilates and weights.

Pilates Flow

This class is a challenging heated Pilates core workout, combined with rigorous, invigorating Vinyasa flows for an amazing overall body/mind experience.

Yin Yoga

Held in a cooler, low-light environment, this practice appears “simple” and passive, but it can be quite challenging, due to the duration of postures designed to release myo-fascial adhesions.



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